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How I transformed my passion into an online business.

Updated: Mar 9

I’ve spent the last ten years of my life in the working world, just trying to provide a means to an end, rather than the end itself. I was tired, miserable, and depressed. I have fought long and hard with myself, but I couldn’t conclude to quit my job and do nothing. I told myself that feelings don’t get these bills paid and if I follow my feelings before long, I would be in deeper stress that I am without a job and not able to pay my bills, take good care of myself and my family. The latter was too detrimental to even consider, so I held on and many times I was waging a war in my mind. Physically, I was doing my best, but mentally I was on a battlefield. I knew I wasn’t satisfied with my output, and I wasn’t doing my optimum.

Know what your passion is

I knew that my passion was not in the industry that I am in, and I was only compelling myself to keep a job that brought something to the table. I knew exactly what I needed to do. The best part was that I could identify what my passion was. But the challenge was, how do I make a living from this to survive? I started my writing career in 2018. I started out with poetry and I self-published through Amazon. Although the reception was great, I did not hit the high sales margin as expected and I felt disappointed. After re-evaluating my thoughts, I realized I had it all wrong. So, I changed my entire thought process, and I began writing because it was something that I loved and not just any get rich scheme. To date, I have published several manuscripts, and no; I am not rich, but a low sales margin is not enough to end my writing career. I believe so much in my passion that I will go all the way with it.

Make time for your passion

You too should empower your passions and make space for them to grow. Stop making excuses about the lack of resources, time, and attention that they require. Make time for them! I can testify that when you do that which you love, that which you were called to do, none of these things matter. Instead, you will be happier, fulfilled, and feel more at peace, even if you are not making much money. That’s exactly why I started my own online business, AKM PRINTS PARLOR. I love writing with all my heart, and I wanted to diversify my writing career to reach more people at a different level. It was never about making more money or becoming famous, but making a difference in people’s life. To help them see their best selves. To help them live their best lives. To help them feel better and do better.

Be willing to take risks

I did my self-evaluation, and I didn’t see myself working in the traditional 9-5 system for the best part of my life. I wasn’t getting any younger, and I had my own ambitions to pursue without this system.  I knew I wasn’t destined there, and I didn’t live there. I demanded a change in my work life and I did it.  I told God that I wanted an online business. Just like that! I thought about many things that I could do until it finally hit me. I was an Author! Why not expound on my writing? From there, I tapped into all the unused resources that God has placed within me, and I discovered many things I did not know that I could do. This website was created by me. Yet, I never took a course in Information Technology or did any major research on website building. I designed all the products in my online store, yet; I have never done a course in graphic design. I have written songs, yet, I have never done a course in music. I have started my business, yet, I have never completed a business degree. I am very serious about my passion and I am eager to watch it grow to its full potential.

Maximize your passion

I will always invest quality time in research, webinars, blog posts, and any other resources that will help me to maximize my writing career and business.  I am not here to boast about my accomplishments. In fact, I take no credit for all these because everything I have is the power of God working through me. I have availed myself to be used by Him, and because of this, He continues to open new doors for me.  It was my passion for writing that led me to discover all the things I mentioned above. What are you passionate about? What is that thing that you can't stop talking about? What is it that you can do so well? What is it that you can do that have others saying wow? That is your passion! I would like to encourage you to maximize your passion, and it will take you to destinations and lead you to new possibilities that you never knew existed in you. Don’t just live to work and pay bills. Don’t end your story in that routine 9-5 system. Don’t leave this world with untapped talents buried within you. You would have done God, the world, and yourself a great disservice. God didn’t create you to become a slave to the 9-5 system. Let it be a means to an end and not the end itself. Don't sacrifice your passion for a 9-5 job that you detest.

Be excited to grow with your passion

My online business is in its early stages, but I will not allow anything to deter its success. It does have its own challenges, but I am no quitter, and I will utilize all the resources that I need to keep my business afloat. I am not here to encourage anyone to quit their job, because a 9-5 may very well be your passion. Additionally, your passion will not always lead you to become your own boss, but it will certainly help you to do that which you love. You came here for a purpose on God's mission. Be excited about your passion. Be excited about the challenges that await you. Be excited about the time you will invest and the growth process. Be excited to learn more about your passion, the internet has a wealth of knowledge. Be excited to transform your passion into an income. Be excited about your journey, for if you win or lose. At least, you would have done that which you were destined to do and that which you love!

Annette Kinglock- Murray

Christian Author, Poet, Song Writer, and Business Owner


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