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Secure your video content with HLS encryption.

Updated: Jan 8

So, you’ve created amazing content, and you’re now ready to share it with the world. Have you thought about protecting your intellectual property? It’s your hard work and you wouldn’t want anyone to exploit it, right! No worries, with Publitio you can secure your content using watermark, video encryption (DRM and Personal Encryption) You will also have access to HLS encryption, which adds extra protection to your videos and prepares them for online streaming.

What is Publitio?

Publitio is a cloud base media management that handles storage, processing, and delivery of images, videos, and rich-media files for modern web apps.

Why use Publitio?

Publitio offers a built-in media player that plays videos, audio, and images. You can use it to publish your rich-media files across any device. The player comes unbranded (no logo on it), it is completely customizable (you can set desired skin color, various options, etc.), it has Goole IMA and VAST (video ads) support and you can easily embed it on the website.


0$ 10 GB storage space

29$ / Month 50 GB storage space

79$ / Month 100 GB storage space

149$ / Month 250GB storage space

Get started with Publitio today! Click the link below for more information on pricing and content management.


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