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Helpful tips for beginners to grow their Facebook, Instagram & Twitter following organically.

Updated: Mar 9

So, you’ve just created your personal or business social media account. Like the rest of us, you need people who will follow and engage with your content. Probably, you’re wondering where to start and how you’re going to get a decent number of persons to follow you indefinitely. You are no different from the rest of us unless you are a public figure. For many of us beginners, it can become tedious to grow our following, but what seems like an uphill task doesn’t have to be, when the right tactics are applied. Unlike me, and maybe a few others, who started out following random persons at the beginning to rapidly grow our following. We know all too well the end results of this. Below, I will share three useful tips that every beginner can use to grow their following, whether personal or business. I have also applied these tips to the social media platforms I frequent most.

1. Follow other people within your niche.

It is important to follow other like-minded persons. This will help you to obtain crucial information about your niche, for example, the latest trends, engagements, interests, etc. Kindly note that you don’t need to follow everyone in your niche. At this stage, you are trying to build your following and you are looking for persons who will follow your content and engage with it. There is also a limit to the number of persons that you can follow. You wouldn’t want to fill that capacity with persons who aren’t going to follow your account back or engage with your content. Please review the number of persons that you can follow on the relevant social media platforms when you are signing up. I don’t follow many accounts with large followings within my niche because they usually don’t follow back, and even if they do the percentage is quite small. As a rule of thumb, I check the number of persons they are following back. Sometimes the percentage is extremely low, other times it is zero follow backs.

I pay keen attention to the content that influencers in my niche are posting and the reactions they are getting from their followers. It’s wise to follow their followers, you will get some follow backs and engagements if you are posting similar content. Also, utilize the search or explore feature to see what’s trending in your niche, and create similar content. I follow many accounts that have followers from >100- 15000, because these accounts are young, and they too are building their followers. Trust me, you will get follow-backs. This does not mean that accounts that exceed this number will not follow you back, but I think it’s better to do follow-for-follow with accounts that are in the early stages of growing their followers.

Be on the lookout for persons who will follow you then unfollow you. This doesn’t mean that your content isn’t great, but it is an unscrupulous practice, I have encountered in follow-for-follow and engagement groups. It makes no sense to me, but people do it anyhow, especially Instagram follow-for-follow groups. Another thing I want to mention is spamming. Be human as possible when you are following persons within your niche. Do not go about striking the follow button on repeat, you might come off as a bot service and your account can get blocked. Social media networks protect their communities from spammers by limiting the number of persons you can follow hourly and daily. Be sure to check the following limit for each social media platform. For starters, you can follow 20 accounts per hour and about 100 per day to be on the safe side (you might be able to exceed this number depending on the platform’s follow limit).

Additionally, do no pop-up in people’s inboxes that you don’t know or comment on every post that you come across. Be vigilant of message requests that you receive from people. There are many fake accounts out there, who may cause harm to your profile or steal your page. I’ve had a few weird messages on my Instagram account. Be careful not to click on links from people you don’t know. Look out for accounts with little or no activity and accounts that have no profile picture on them.

2. Post highly quality images.

The majority of social media users are mobile users. To get more people engaged in your content be sure to post images with high quality, that will captivate the interest of your followers. If you are only posting texts, ensure that your spelling and grammar are on point. People are constantly scrolling through their feeds. You wouldn’t want them to overlook your post (s) because of low image quality or bad grammar. Be sure to upload images that are clear and utilize your filters to add glow to your images. Keep your content interesting, fresh, consistent, and utilize your stories. You will lose followers if you’re only posting once in a blue moon. Be creative with your content and engage with other people’s content by liking, sharing, and commenting. After all, it’s an online community and you would want to do for others what you are expecting them to do for you.

Pay attention to what influencers in your niche are posting, and the time they are posting (your post reach may decline or increase depending on when you are posting, be sure to research the best times to post on the relevant social media platforms and act accordingly), use relevant hashtags on your account and those your influencers are using. There are persons who follow hashtags. This will help you to get more followers but do not overcrowd your posts with hashtags, it will appear spammy. Another point to note is that influencers sometimes do free shout-outs, this is a great way to get exposure for your brand. Please remain active on your social media accounts.

3. Make your account public.

Depending on the nature of your social media account you might want to have your account public. Especially, if you are a business or content creator trying to gain exposure. You will have access to a larger number of people who might be interested in your content. Since they will have immediate access to your profile. They will be able to review your profile and even engage with your content without following or requesting to follow your account. Be sure to update your bio with the relevant information (including keywords) that you want people to know about you. Be careful with your choice of words, make a good first impression, do update a photo of yourself. People are reluctant to follow accounts that have no photos or photos that don’t identify with a real person.

In summary, all the tips mentioned above have been tested and proven by me and they will increase your followers over time. However, we cannot control human behavior, and though we may apply the right tactics the choice is theirs to follow or unfollow an account. Attaining a reasonable number of followers will not happen overnight unless you are a public figure. You may not attain many followers at once but if you remain consistent and post interesting content you will receive more engagements, and who knows your content might go viral and people will instead flock to your account. So be consistent, remain focused, do your research, and put in the hard work.

Annette Kinglock-Murray

Author, Poet, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and Entrepreneur of AKM Prints Parlor.

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