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AKM PRINTS PARLOR, is owned by Annette Kinglock- Murray, published Author and Poet. Annette has written many books in the non-fiction genre. Including, children's short stories, poetry and motivational quotes. These can be purchased on Amazon. Annette is also a devout Christian, Songwriter, Entrepreneur and Motivator. This website was created to provide inspirational quotes and customized gift items at a reasonable cost to customers, social media users and content creators in print on demand. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but one word can change someone's life forever. At AKM PRINTS PARLOR, we believe in creating memorable moments, with our words of inspiration. If you are a blogger, content creator, social media influencer, who needs quality quotes for your brand, or a customer who needs customized items with beautiful messages. Feel free to check out these inspirational quotes and  non-digital items. All quotes are original and copyrighted. We are registered with the Companies Office Of  Jamaica.

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All quotes purchased on AKM PRINTS PARLOR remain the sole property of copyright owner, Annette Kinglock- Murray. Except our personalized quotes, that offers full rights to the buyer.  Your purchased quotes may be used for personal and commercial purposes, but full credit must be given to the author. Information collected on our site is done over an encrypted network and used solely to complete your order. This includes, but not limited to your full name, phone number and billing address. We will never ask for your banking information to complete an order. Instead, you will be directed to PayPal, where you will make your payment. When you placed an order for a non-digital item, it is imported to our fulfilment center, Printful, to be completed. They will have access to your name, phone number and billing address information, because your order will be shipped from their facility. Please read their privacy policy for more information. Our relationship with Printful is strictly business to business. Wherein, AKM PRINTS PARLOR, is the merchant and Printful is the supplier. We will never sell your personal information to third parties to gain competitive advantage. We don’t claim that our site is error free, hack proof, and that you will never experience server issues. If this should happen though, we will do our best to restore service at the earliest time. Information on our site can be viewed by minors. Our content excludes profane language and obscene images unsuitable for children. AT NO POINT, will we send you an email or any other written communication, requesting your personal or banking information. We DON’T offer giveaways, gift cards  or sweepstakes. Should you receive any such offer bearing our name, please disregard.  We may offer discounts at specific times, including special holidays,  but this will reflect in our store.  By subscribing to our email list, you agree that you MAY receive emails from us, including but not limited to, changes made in our business operations, clarity on an order, and welcome emails. We will never spam our customers for marketing. However, the internet is becoming more advanced and fraudsters are becoming more creative. We implore you to take your internet security seriously. Before you honor a request, always confirm that it is from a trusted source. Think before you click, always research before you submit!